What to do when your car breaks down all of a sudden?

Having your car break down on the side of the road is definitely an unplanned for event and it could end being a very costly one, too. It’s also a scary time, especially if you are driving down the street and your car just stops working: there’s other cars to worry about and potentially pedestrians crossing the street. So, what do you want when your car breaks down all of sudden? Here’s some tips to keep you calm and make sure the situation goes as smoothly as possible.

Coast for a while

Try to coast into a parking lot or to a safe spot on the shoulder of the road. Do not hit the breaks and just stop in the middle of traffic unless you absolutely have to because it’s dangerous to keep going. If you stop in the middle of traffic you could cause a large accident with other drivers who weren’t prepared for you to suddenly stop. Take in your surroundings and find a safe spot to stop your car in until you can get help.

Think before you get out

If you are driving down a busy street or a highway and the engine of your car just dies do not just jump out of the car; this could be incredibly dangerous. Cars that are going fast – especially on a highway – won’t be able to stop in time if you jump out in front of them. So, instead look around, sit in your car for a few minutes – or more – and think before getting out of your car. While it is dangerous to just stop in the middle of a busy street, it’s even more dangerous for a pedestrian to just get out of the car.

Let other drivers know

Put on your four way signals – provided they work – and let other drivers know you are having car trouble. They can see these signals from far away so they know to drive around you and that your car isn’t moving anywhere. If they don’t work, you can take a white towel, or napkin, and let it hang out the window. This signals to other drivers you are having car troubles.

Call a tow truck

Even if you have the knowledge to fix your car, the middle of a busy street is not the place to do it. Call a tow truck and have your car towed to either your house or your choice of garage. It might cost a bit but it’s not worth the risk of trying to fix your car in the middle of a busy street.

Having your car break down all of a sudden can be incredibly frustrating, but it’s important to stay safe and ensure you don’t put other drivers in a compromising situation. You have to alert other cars that you are having troubles and that your car isn’t moving – drivers need to know to go around you and change lanes. You also need to ensure you aren’t blocking traffic if it’s possible to get your car to a safe spot. When you car breaks down all of a sudden the most important thing is to not panic and stay safe; your car can be towed and it will be fixed but the best thing is to avoid anyone getting hurt.

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